"I feel super fortunate to have found Laura Marciano’s Soft Lands poetry class ♡ Laura created a supportive, safe atmosphere for me to share my weirdo poems. Plus, we got to chat about writers and artists often excluded from creative writing course curricula. Would defs recommend Soft Lands to anyone who’s felt out of place in university poetry classes. Or just anyone who loves words – straight up. It was a beautiful experience (✿◠‿◠)" 

"We all sit on our respective floors and peer out at one another through our screens. Our world is in an uproar. A helicopter circles outside of Laura's apartment window as we read our words to one another. Each week I find myself in this space where mind can meet mind without judgment. A Soft Land where the only rule of law is to explore what you might otherwise shy away from, doing so out of curiosity, not ambition. This past session, Laura provides the care artists need, the space they need to be, at a time when they are most needed. Much gratitude."

"Soft Lands was a transformative and empowering experience for me as a poet, a performer, and a product of the internet. Through thoughtful multimodal readings, invigorating class discussions, and engaging prompts every week, each Soft Lands class took me on a journey through culture critique and self-expression through found language, internet oddities, and pop culture. Laura Marciano is an exceptional instructor who knows how to guide you toward creating your most fulfilling work and provides perspective not only on poetry but the many complexities of 21st century existence that intersect with poetry."

"Thanks again for teaching soft lands. It really was the highlight of my summer and the most unique class experience I have ever had. The expectations for the class were so different than anything I had encountered before and really worked well for me. Was a comfortable environment for me to be vulnerable with my work and I really appreciate that!"